Partner Districts

Partner Districts

Districts across the country are making social and emotional learning (SEL) central to the educational process. School leaders are creating safe and supportive learning environments. Teachers are creating classrooms where students are engaged, respected, and empowered — and where they succeed academically. By focusing systemically on SEL, these districts are getting results. Academic achievement, graduation rates, and attendance are up. Suspensions and disciplinary incidents are down. Students and staff are more positive. Learn more.

  • Anchorage

  • Atlanta

  • Austin

  • Chicago

  • Cleveland

  • El Paso

  • Nashville

  • Oakland

  • Sacramento

  • Washoe County

  • In addition, we are working with a number of smaller affiliated districts. They participate in our meetings, receive consultant support from CASEL, and contribute their learnings to our SEL community. We also have a new district partnership with nine communities to pair school districts with after-school intermediaries to help students develop positive SEL skills.

At the request of the CDI districts, we have created Professional Learning Communities to help these districts be more thoughtful and strategic in their development of effective, integrated practices and policies.