Noyce Foundation

The Noyce Foundation aims to help young people become curious, thoughtful, and engaged learners. The foundation focuses on improving the teaching of math and science in public schools, developing leadership to support student achievement, education policy and research, and on expanding opportunities for students to experience hands-on science in out-of-school settings.

In 2013, CASEL received its first-ever grant from the Noyce Foundation for a collaboration with the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin. The Dana Center focuses on mathematics and science education with an emphasis on strategies for improving student engagement, motivation, persistence, and achievement. The CASEL and Dana Center project focuses on the intersection between SEL and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. It is a two year initiative to:

  1. create a vision of what classrooms focused on mathematics content and SEL should look like and
  2. develop tools that help educators assess instructional practice and student competencies.