NETWORK FACTS: Who’s in the Collaborator Network?

A total of 161 people currently make up the Collaborator Network for Social-Emotional Competence Assessment. When joining the network, every one of you filled out a quick survey. One of the questions asked was about your area(s) of expertise. Here are the results!

We have a great balance of researchers and practitioners in our group! Many members indicated they had combinations of expertise such as Research and Practice (23%), Research and Policy (16%), Practice and Policy (8%), and Research, Practice, and Policy (19%). In addition, we have a great range of experts across the developmental spectrum. We are really excited to continue working with such a great group of collaborators. Thank you!

Learn More About AWG and the Collaborator Network

Additional information on the Assessment Work Group can be found at If you would like us to share something in an upcoming newsletter or pose a question to the network, please contact Teresa Borowski at Also, please feel free to send us feedback and input to make this as helpful and valuable as possible.

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