2015 Cross-Districts Learning Event

  • Cleveland, Ohio

    Host: Cleveland Metropolitan School District

    • CASEL’s Melissa Schlinger presented the CASEL Leadership Award to Jesse Register, head of the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. Register was within weeks of retirement.

      Cleveland’s CEO Eric Gordon (center) with students from the SAC and CTAG programs.

    • Kick-Off Dinner
      The Collaborating Districts Initiative

      Melissa Schlinger, Vice President of Programs and Practice, CASEL

      Karen Niemi, President and CEO, CASEL

      Welcome to Cleveland, Frank Jackson, Mayor of Cleveland

      Click here to view a video of Mayor Jackson’s statement.

      Opening Remarks, Eric Gordon CEO, Cleveland Metropolitan School District

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      Keynote Address, Tim Shriver, CASEL.

      Click here to view a video of the keynote (32 min.).

    Thursday, May 7

    Using SEL Implementation Data for Continuous Improvement & Planning
    Melissa Schlinger and Jeremy Taylor (CASEL)

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    Download the PowerPoint presentation for this session.

    Assessment in CMSD: Conditions for Learning
    Jillian Ahrens, Christopher Broughton, Denine Goolsby (CMSD)

    Download the PowerPoint presentation for this session.

    Friday, May 8

    High School Social and Emotional Learning and Social Justice Linda Darling-Hammond (CASEL Board Member)

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    • At the superintendents’ roundtable: l. to r.,
      Ed Graff (Anchorage), Antwan Wilson (Oakland), and Paul Cruz (Austin).

    • Ask a Superintendent: Superintendents Respond to Questions from District Teams
      José Banda (SCUSD)
      Paul Cruz (AISD)
      Eric Gordon (CMSD)
      Ed Graff (ASD)
      Jesse Register (MNPS)
      Antwan Wilson (OUSD)
      Moderator: Melissa Schlinger

    CMSD Students: SEL Driven Challenges, Hopes and Dreams
    Moderator: George Golden (CMSD)
    CMSD Students Representing Student Advisory Council (SAC) and Closing the Achievement Gap (CTAG)

    Download the PowerPoint for this session.

    Concurrent Sessions

    Seeing is Believing: SEL Coaching Processes in Austin and Nashville Doug Granier (MNPS) and Sherrie Raven (AISD) with Judy Nuss (CASEL)

    Communicating About SEL
    Terri Ferinde Dunham and Devin Boyle (Collaborative Communications Group) and Trish Shaffer (WCSD) with Rob Schamberg (CASEL)

    Download Handout 1 and Handout 2 from this presentation.

    High School Integration of SEL
    Mai Xi Lee (SCUSD) and Doug Stalnos (CPS) with Hector Montenegro (CASEL)

    Download the PowerPoint presentation for this session.

    Restorative Practices
    Curtiss Sarikey (Oakland Unified School District), William Stencil (CMSD) with Pamela Randall-Garner (CASEL)

    Download Oakland’s PowerPoint on restorative practices.

  • The PATHS program is a central element of Cleveland’s SEL initiative. Here PATHS founder and CASEL board member Mark Greenberg presents one of three awards to outstanding PATHS schools in CMSD.

    Elementary PATHS classmates described a fellow student’s good character.

    Cleveland high school students design public service announcements as part of project-based learning.

    CASEL board member and Stanford professor of education Linda Darling-Hammond spoke on Friday morning.

    Instead of sitting up on the stage, the Cleveland students engaged in conversation at the tables throughout the room.

    Among the meeting’s most important benefits: opportunities to share infor-mation and ideas with other participants.