Lion’s Quest Skills for Growing

Promising Program

Program Design

Lions Quest is a skill-building program that uses free-standing lessons to promote social and emotional development for students in Kindergarten through twelfth grade. Lions Quest Skills for Growing is the elementary version of this program. The program provides 36 lessons per grade level, designed to be delivered once per week for 30-45 minutes.

Lions Quest is designed to establish caring, participatory, and well-managed learning environments. The Lions Quest approach helps to establish the learning conditions that young people need to be capable, healthy, and successful in all areas of life. The lessons and activities provide coverage for all five CASEL competencies. Lessons are robust and follow an easy-to-understand structure, including a discovery, applying, connecting, and practicing phase. There are also teacher notes about pacing, modifying, applying across the curriculum, and a breakdown of the skills progression. Each lesson includes a planning column that provides at-a-glance information and support for easy facilitation. The program includes a diverse set of instructional practices to be used during the lesson including pair-share, cooperative group work, discussions, and reflection. Student workbooks are available in English and Spanish.

Implementation Support

The professional development model recommended by Lions Quest begins with half-day, one, or two days of initial training. The two- day workshops can be delivered on consecutive days or split between initial and follow-up training. Training begins with general SEL pedagogy and the theory behind the program and moves to opportunities for educators to explore materials and practice delivering lessons. Lions Quest trainers model strategies from the program throughout the training. During the two- day training, there is an opportunity to dive more deeply into specific challenges that educators anticipate and create tailored implementation plans. Follow-up training for teachers beyond the introductory level is typically content- and school-specific and is called a “Re-Quest.”

Lions Quest provides optional sustainability and implementation coaching. In addition, the website offers extensive resources to support implementation, including sample lessons, implementation guidelines, planning tools for fidelity monitoring, and a leadership toolkit. Lions Quest also provides support or for data collection and evaluation.

Evidence of Effectiveness

Results from a quasi-experimental study published in 2016 supported the effectiveness of Lions Quest Skills for Growing for elementary students. This evaluation included 417 Turkish students in 16 schools who were in grades 1st through 4th .This evaluation found that students who participated in the program engaged in more positive cooperative behaviors and less negative belittling behaviors compared to students in the comparison group (outcomes reported 8 months after baseline). Although baseline equivalency was met, analyses did not adjust for pre-test scores, for this reason, Lions Quest Skills for Growing is designated as Promising.

Gol-Guven, M. (2017). The effectiveness of the Lions Quest Program: Skills for Growing on school climate, students’ behaviors, perceptions of school, and conflict resolution skills. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal, 25(4), 575-594.