{Webinar} SEL Assessment Design Challenge Winners Share Their Measures

In the Spring of 2017 Measuring SEL launched the Social-Emotional Competence Assessment Design Challenge. The purpose of the challenge was to learn from innovative methods of assessing social-emotional skills, with the ultimate goal being to construct and refine a set of key design principles that should guide the development of novel social-emotional assessments that support effective instruction and positive student development.

This hour-long webinar will showcase four of the winning measures of the Design Challenge. The four awardees will discuss their work, including what social-emotional competencies they assess and how.


The webinar will be Friday, Sept. 29 | 1:00 – 2:00p.m. ET.


We hope you can join on September 29th, but even if you can’t, feel free to register so that you can access the recording!

Presenters include:
– Jeremy Taylor, Director of Assessment and Continuous Improvement, CASEL
– Design Challenge Co-Chair: Clark McKown, ‎President and Founder, xSEL Labs
– Design Challenge Co-Chair: Noah Bookman, Chief Accountability Officer, California Office to Reform Education
– 1st Place: Jim Soland, NWEA
– 2nd Place: Sam Moulton, Panorama
– 3rd Place (tie): Tenelle Porter, UC Davis
– 3rd Place (tie) Melissa DeRosier, 3C Institute and Centervention

For more information about the Assessment Work Group, see https://measuringsel.casel.org/

For more information about the Design Challenge, see https://measuringsel.casel.org/design-challenge/

The Social-Emotional Competence Assessment Design Challenge was hosted by the Establishing Practical Social-Emotional Competence Assessments of Preschool to High School Students Group (Assessment Work Group) and CASEL, CORE Districts, Harvard Graduate School of Education, RAND Corporation, Transforming Education and xSEL Labs.

Our deepest gratitude to the Funders Collaborative for Innovative Measurement for their continued support of the Assessment Work Group!


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