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CASEL envisions a world where all students and adults benefit from high-quality SEL in schools and classrooms. No organization or individual can do this alone. We need your help!

Join us and the SEL movement to help improve the school, work, and life opportunities for all children and youth. Here’s how:
  • District Leaders

    • Communicate about your commitment through presentations, blogs, op-eds, and social media. Make the Case for SEL.
    • Implement SEL using the guidance and resources in the SEL District Resource Center and assess your district’s current efforts.
    • Explore how leading districts are prioritizing SEL in a series of briefs spotlighting emerging trends in the field of SEL.

    School Leaders


    • Create an SEL leadership team at your school to bring SEL to the classroom and strengthen your own social and emotional skills.
    • Talk to families about the importance of SEL during one-on-one conferences, back-to-school nights, open houses, and more. Make the Case for SEL.
    • Write about your experience teaching SEL and the impact it is having for media outlets like Edutopia and ASCD Express.

    Program Providers

    • Review our evidence criteria to see if your program’s evaluation meets the requirements for inclusion.
    • Explore CASEL’s application manual for step-by-step instructions to submit to be evaluated, from creating an account to submitting forms.
    • Check out what programs have been reviewed and included in our evidence-based Program Guide.

    State Leaders

    Researchers and Scholars

    Parents and Families

    Community Partners

    • Work with schools to support the integration of SEL into students’ lives both in and out of the classroom.
    • Use guidance from the Schoolwide Guide to SEL to partner with local school staff in giving students a consistent experience of SEL.

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    • Register for free, online district and school resources for implementation guidance and access exclusive membership benefits. (DistrictsSchools).

    • Share information about our free, online tools with your network and/or on social media. District Resource Center, CASEL Guide to Schoolwide SEL, and SEL Assessment Guide.


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