SEL Integration in Schools

Integrate SEL at all three levels of school functioning (curriculum and instruction, schoolwide practices and policies, family and community partnerships). When fully planned and implemented:

  • Teachers are promoting SEL in the classroom.
  • Classroom concepts are reinforced in multiple settings outside the classroom (e.g., language used by nonteaching staff, practices used in hallways or on the playground).
  • Adults are modeling SEL throughout the school.
  • Administrators manage the school in a way that fosters adult SEL (e.g., how meetings are run, the way decisions are made).
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 services are aligned with SEL instruction that takes place in classrooms.
  • All policies and practices at the school level support student SEL (e.g., discipline guidelines).
  • The school communicates regularly with families about SEL.
  • Family members are actively engaged in practices at the school that support student SEL (e.g., serve on or lead SEL-related committees, participate in SEL events, etc.).
  • The school communicates with community partners regularly about SEL.
  • Community agencies provide services in the school related to SEL to students and their families.

Tools coming soon.