Inner Explorer

SEL-Related Approach

Program Design

Inner Explorer provides educators with daily 5-10 minute mindfulness practices. These audio recordings focus on helping students prepare for learning and equipping them with intrapersonal techniques for naming and handling negative emotions like stress, anger, and anxiety. Intrapersonal skills practiced include breathing/relaxation exercise, emotional regulation, and learning awareness of senses. Inner Explorer offers programming for universal student populations of students in grades PreK-12. Depending on the tier of the subscription, Inner Explorer also provides mindfulness recordings for teachers, school counselors, and parents. Additionally, the program offers tools for encouraging students to share their newly learned skills with their parents/caregivers.

Training and Implementation Support

Inner Explorer’s digital design facilitates easy implementation. Educators manage the program through a digital portal, where they can access all recordings, student usage data, tools for connecting to families, and other resources. Educators access the portal via a web browser or smartphone app. Inner Explorer offers a range of training and implementation support options, including phone technical assistance, online training webinars, and onsite training/coaching visits.

Evidence of Effectiveness

Results from a quasi-experimental (QE) evaluation published in 2015 supported the effectiveness of the Inner Explorer program for elementary school students. In sum, these evaluations included 191 3rd grade students (23% of students were eligible for FRPL). This evaluation found that students receiving the Inner Explorer program showed significantly greater growth in teacher-reported reading and science grades than the control group (outcomes reported approximately eight weeks after baseline, while controlling for outcome pretest).

Bakosh, L. S., Snow, R. M., Tobias, J. M., Houlihan, J. L., & Barbosa-Leiker, C. (2016). Maximizing mindful learning: Mindful awareness intervention improves elementary school students’ quarterly grades. Mindfulness, 7(1), 59-67.