Family-School Partnerships


Getting Smart: Smart Parents
Articles, blogs, videos, and help for parents to become involved in their children’s education.

Confident Parents, Confident Kids: Family-School Partnerships
This site contains resources and articles geared specifically to help parents in their efforts to support their children’s learning. Articles include topics such as having constructive parent-teacher conversations about challenging issues, preparing for a parent-teacher conference, and planning successful homework and bedtime routines.

Parent Checklist for School Visits
From Confident Parents, Confident Kids – The Heart and Head School Report Card

If a parent has the luxury of choosing a school (whether it’s preschool, elementary, or high school), it’s best to visit, tour, and spend time in a classroom to get a feel for the culture of the school. Print out “The Heart and Head School Report Card” as a checklist for the visit or complete when returning home.

Harvard Family Research Project
This project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education conducts research on the best ways of increasing school-home and school-community collaboration. This site offers research papers on the topic, links to other organizations, and links to many partnership models.

National Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
Tips, fact sheets, and articles useful to both parents and teachers are included on a wide range of topics related to parenting and school-home collaboration.

Partners in Education: A Dual Capacity-building Framework for Family-School Partnerships
This report from the U.S. Department of Education and Southwest Educational Development Laboratory describes a framework for schools embracing families as true partners in education and how that can be successfully accomplished. Provides three case studies that show how the framework can be implemented.

Partnerships by Design: Cultivating Effective and Meaningful School-Family-Community Partnerships
This web resource, by Debbie Ellis and Kendra Hughes, helps schools and family involvement programs assess what they have in place to build from their strengths and improve the quality of their partnerships.

School, Family, and Community Partnerships: Preparing Educators and Improving Schools
Veteran scholar Joyce Epstein reviews the past decade of research supporting effective school, family, and community partnerships and how to improve the quality of those programs and practices. Book Review

School-Family Partnerships for Children’s Success
Four of the most influential leaders in the field (Eva Patrikakou, Roger Weissberg, Sam Redding, and Herbert Walberg) provide essential information to better understand and improve the nature and quality of school–family partnerships for the benefit of all children. Featuring a comprehensive multidimensional framework, the text addresses critical issues facing families and educators, developmental considerations, cultural perspectives, and policy issues. Each chapter includes recommendations to help educators, parents, and policymakers create and sustain successful partnerships.

Southwest Educational Development Laboratory: Research Syntheses
This site lists a number of research syntheses that review numerous studies on school-family-community partnerships.

Parents and Teachers Working Together
This easy-to-read and useful book by Carol Davis and Alice Yang contains tools and supports for teachers and parents to connect with one another on student learning.

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