SEL in Action

The most effective social and emotional learning (SEL) requires a strategic, systemic approach that involves everyone, from district and school leaders to community partners to family members, working together to ensure students receive the support they need. Successful SEL is not a standalone program or an add-on. It is central to how schools, communities, and families value and support the social, emotional, and academic development of their children.

Our district partners are using SEL as a systemic framework to drive change at all levels, from the district office to the classroom to the home. Check out the growing number of practical tools they’ve developed. Learn more about how to implement SEL in multiple settings.

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    Our partner districts have been breaking new ground in implementing high-quality, systemwide SEL for their students.

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  • Coaching

    School leaders are establish a welcoming climate of teamwork and collaboration and integrating SEL into all aspects of the school day.

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  • Kids

    In classrooms teachers are modeling respect and empowering students in every interaction and teaching SEL directly and as part of reading, math, and other subjects.

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  • Father and Son

    In homes family members are modeling and supporting the kinds of positive behaviors that help children develop into competent and caring adults.

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