Help Shape Our Emerging Online Practical Assessment Guide for Educators

Invitation to Practitioners: We need YOU!

We are working hard to create a guide that can help practitioners select useful social and emotional learning assessments. But we are not practitioners and need your help.  The Practical Assessment Guide is designed to help clarify different purposes of assessment and discuss whether specific tools are useful in these ways as well as show how practitioners are already using them in real life settings.  We plan to release the online Guide in January.

Currently, we have a basic beta version of how one measure page would look and how the site will operate when a person tries to use it to evaluate a potential assessment. What we need are people to go to the current beta version of the online guide and play with it — and then tell us about their experience in a simple survey.  

We are looking for educators who want to assess social-emotional skills and/or have recently selected an assessment to use at a district, school, or classroom level. This invitation includes, but is not limited to, individuals who work in schools and districts in research, assessment, evaluation, accountability, and continuous improvement.

Are you looking for an assessment of social-emotional skills for your school or district?

Do you have experience selecting an assessment?

Then we need YOU to test the beta prototype of our Assessment Guide for Educators (coming in January 2018)!

If you are interested in helping, please click HERE and provide your contact information.  We will then  follow up and send you a link to our test version of the online assessment guide as well as a link to a survey so you can share your feedback with us.   We must hear from you by August 7th, 2017, as the test site will only be open for a short time.  We will be accepting feedback through mid-August  so once you get the link, please go to it as soon as possible.

We will incorporate the feedback to improve the site and build the final prototype before we begin to add the first twenty assessments.

With your help  we can create a practical,high quality guide on social-emotional competence assessment that works well for practitioners.

We hope you will look forward to the release of the online Assessment Guide for Educators in January 2018!

Click HERE if you want to test the beta site and provide feedback!


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