Tools of the Mind

Preschool SELect Program

Program Design and Implementation Support

Tools of the Mind is an early childhood program for students in prekindergarten and kindergarten that promotes self-regulated learning and is designed to be embedded within the classroom. With a focus on early literacy, mathematics, and other cognitive competencies such as self-reflection, the program encourages teachers to scaffold student learning while encouraging use of mental “tools” through self-regulation activities, make-believe play, and a structured classroom environment that enable students to control their social, emotional, and cognitive behaviors. The Tools of the Mind program also provides structures for family involvement and information for parents who wish to reinforce the activities with their children outside of the program. Initial training for Tools of the Mind typically lasts two days and is not required. A train-the-trainer system to support sustainability is offered.

Evidence of Effectiveness

Tools of the Mind has been evaluated in a randomized control trial (n=210). Students were followed within the course of one year.

Barnett, W. S., Jung, K., Yarosz, D.J., Thomas, J., Hornbeck, A., Stechuk, R., & Burns, S. (2008). Educational effects of the Tools of the Mind curriculum: A randomized trial. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 23, 299-313.