Too Good for Violence

Elementary SELect Program

Program Design and Implementation Support

Too Good for Violence is a violence prevention and character education program for students in kindergarten through eighth grade that teaches character-based skills such as respect, celebrating diversity, and understanding feelings and actions. The curriculum consists of seven scripted lessons that take 30-60 minutes EACH to implement. Infusion activities that integrate social and emotional skills with academic content areas are also provided in addition to recommended readings, videos, and home activities to be completed with parents or caregivers. Family and community involvement is emphasized, and suggested activities and recommendations for teachers are provided. Initial training for the program typically lasts FIVE hours and is not required. Too Good for Violence offers a train-the-trainer system to support sustainability.

Evidence of Effectiveness

Too Good for Violence has been evaluated in a large (n=999) randomized control trial. Students were followed over the course of one year.

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