Incredible Years Dinosaur School

Preschool & Elementary SELect Program

Program Design and Implementation Support

The Incredible Years Series is a set of three curricula for children, teachers, and parents. The Child training program (Dinosaur Curriculum) focuses on developing skills to understand and recognize feelings, solve problems, manage anger, and develop and maintain friendships. The program is designed for use with children ages three to eight years old and includes approximately 60 lessons, dependent upon implementation, as the program provides multiple models for implementing in the classroom. Content is presented through puppetry or video vignettes followed by group discussion. Several activities reinforce the concepts learned and  provide opportunities to practice skills. Each lesson ends with a homework activity that is completed at home with parents or caregivers, and several letters to parents are sent home during the course of the program as well. Parental involvement is strongly encouraged. training for teachers focuses on developing classroom management skills and proactive teaching strategies. Training also emphasizes the importance of building positive relationships with students and teaching social skills and problem solving in the classroom. The Incredible Years Series also includes a separate training program specifically for parents. Initial training for the Incredible Years Child training program typically lasts 21 hours (three days) and is not required.

Evidence of Effectiveness

The Incredible Years Series has been evaluated in two randomized control trials. The largest sample included 1,768 students and 153 teachers. Students were followed within the course of one year.

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