Peace Works: Peacemaking Skills for Little Kids

Preschool SELect Program

Program Design and Implementation Support

Peace Works: Peacemaking Skills for Little Kids is designed to promote conflict resolution skills with students in prekindergarten through second grade. The implementation structure and number of activities varies by grade, with a range of 30-85 activities available. Scripted lessons and activities cover topics such as listening skills and cooperation, using “I-care language,” understanding and managing emotions, and taking responsibility. The program provides teachers with many strategies for infusing aspects of the program throughout the classroom and within core academic content areas. It also offers additional components for school-wide programs and partnering with families. Initial training for Peace Works typically lasts five to six hours (up to 18 hours) and is not required. A train-the-trainer system to support sustainability is offered.

Evidence of Effectiveness

Peace Works: Peacemaking Skills for Little Kids has been evaluated in a medium (n=246) randomized control trial. Students were followed over the course of one year.

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