I Can Problem Solve

Preschool & Elementary SELect Program

Program Design and Implementation Support

The I Can Problem Solve program teaches students how to generate alternative solutions, anticipate consequences, and effectively solve problems. It is designed for use in prekindergarten through the elementary grades and is divided into three sets of lessons for prekindergarten (59 lessons), kindergarten and primary grades (83 lessons), and intermediate elementary grades (77 lessons). The scripted lessons take approximately 20 minutes to implement and focus on both pre-problem-solving skills and problem-solving skills. Instruction introduces central concepts, which is then followed by explicit skill instruction in social and emotional competencies. Dialoging is a central component of this program. Beyond the lesson, teachers are encouraged to infuse program methods to support positive student-teacher interaction into their regular classroom routine. To reinforce most lessons, the program provides parent pages as well as suggested strategies for connecting with core academic subject areas. Initial training for the I Can Problem Solve program typically lasts one to two days and is required. I Can Problem Solve offers a train-the-trainer system to support sustainability. Additionally, the program provides detailed scope and sequence documents for all grade levels and observation protocols to support implementation fidelity.

Evidence of Effectiveness

I Can Problem Solve has been evaluated in multiple trials (two randomized control trials, one quasi-experimental). The largest sample was 655 students. Students were followed within the course of a single year.

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