Competent Kids, Caring Communities

Elementary SELect Program

Program Design and Implementation Support

Competent Kids, Caring Communities is designed to promote important life skills in students through an average of 35 separate sets of lessons for each year for kindergarten through fifth grade. Lessons follow a common structure, including an introduction to each that provides teachers with a research-based rationale. Opening questions are designed to motivate students and focus their attention. In addition to the classroom activities, one component promotes family-school collaboration, including sessions for families designed to be led by school or district leaders. Family sessions provide information on the social and emotional competencies the program is designed to promote. They focus on developing shared understanding and goals, joint decision making between schools and families, and positive school climate. The family-school collaboration component also includes activities to support new skills and concepts at home. Initial training for Competent Kids, Caring Communities typically lasts one to three days and is required. The program also offers a train-the- trainer system to support sustainability.Program Description Video

Evidence of Effectiveness

Competent Kids, Caring Communities has been evaluated in a small study (n=119) using a quasi-experimental design. The evaluation followed students for one year, from fourth to fifth grade.