Fig. 1: CASEL Board of Directors and Officers

A list of CASEL Board of Directors and Officers who signed off on the Statement on Racial Equity and Justice. The names are listed with their title and/or department. The list reads:

  • Karen Niemi
    CASEL President & CEO
  • Timothy P. Shriver, Chair
    Special Olympics
  • Roger P. Weissberg, Vice Chair
    CASEL Chief Knowledge Officer
    University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Stephen D. Arnold, Vice Chair
    Polaris Venture Partners
  • Deborah Delisle, Secretary
    Alliance for Excellent Education
  • J. Lawrence Aber
    New York University
  • David Adams
    The Urban Assembly
  • Catherine Bradshaw
    University of Virginia
  • Marc Brackett
    Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence
  • Linda Darling-Hammond
    Learning Policy Institute
    Board Member Emeritus
  • Paul Goren
    Northwestern University
  • Mark T. Greenberg
    Penn State University
    Board Member Emeritus
  • Janice Jackson
    Chicago Public Schools
  • Rob Jagers
    CASEL Vice President of Research
  • Chi Kim
    Pure Edge, Inc.
  • Ann S. Nerad
    Civic Leader
    Board Member Emeritus
  • Kitty Rothschild
    CASEL Chief Operating Officer
  • Melissa Schlinger
    CASEL Vice President of Practice and Programs
  • Kimberly Schonert-Reichl
    University of British Columbia
  • Shruti Sehra
    New Profit
  • Andrea Wishom
    Skywalker Properties
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