Effectiveness of School-Based Universal Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Programs: Do They Enhance Students’ Development in The Area of Skill, Behavior, and Adjustment? (2012)

Sklad, M., Diekstra, R., Ritter, M. D., Ben, J. & Gravesteijn, C. (2012), Effectiveness of school-based universal social, emotional, and behavioral programs: Do they enhance students’ development in the area of skill, behavior, and adjustment? Psychology in the Schools, 49(9), 892–909.
To answer the question of whether teaching social and emotional skills can help schools extend their role beyond the transfer of knowledge, the authors conducted a meta-analytical review of 75 recently published studies that reported the effects of universal, school-based social, emotional, and/or behavioral (SEB) programs. The interventions had a variety of intended outcomes, but an increase in social skills and decreases in antisocial behavior were most often reported. The final sections of the article discuss limitations of the analysis and moderators of the effectiveness of SEB programs in schools.

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