CSI Reports, Tools, and Resources


Key Features of High-Quality Standards and Guidelines to Support Social and Emotional Learning 

The Collaborating States Initiative (CSI) Recommended Process for Developing State Policies and Guidelines to Support Social and Emotional Learning 

A Process for Developing and Articulating Learning Goals or Competencies for Social and Emotional Learning 

Integrating SEL Into General Teaching Practice

Five downloadable CSI resources, developed in partnership with educational leaders in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, help educators integrate SEL into general teaching practice.

Sample Teaching Activities to Support SEL Core Competencies

SEL in Elementary English Language Arts

SEL in High School English Language Arts

SEL in Elementary Mathematics

SEL in Middle School Social Studies


Report: Emerging Insights from the States’ Efforts to Strengthen Social and Emotional Learning (June 2018)

Brief: District Recommendations for How States Can Support SEL (June 2018)

Brief from the Learning Policy Institute and CASEL on ESSA, SEL Asssessment, and Accountability (June 2018)

Brief: State Scorecard Scan (February 2018)

Brief: State Efforts to Promote Social and Emotional Learning (Jan. 2017)

Results of CASEL’s 50 State Scorecard Project (Ongoing)


CASEL recommends that schools adopt evidence-based programs to build a comprehensive foundation for SEL. Check out our widely used program guides to high-quality resources.

Brief: What Does Evidence-Based Instruction in Social and Emotional Learning Actually Look Like in Practice? (Oct. 2015)

The CASEL District Resource Center (DRC) provides guidance and 500+ tools for systemic implementation of SEL. Explore.

View a webinar tour of the DRC on YouTube. (May 2017)

The Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) has developed a multimodule online course in social and emotional learning. It’s available for credit to Washington educators and for use by anyone. View here.