Assessment Work Group

The Establishing Practical Social-Emotional Competence Assessments of Preschool to High School Students project was created to advance progress toward establishing practical SEL assessments that are scientifically sound, feasible to use, and actionable as a key priority for the field. The project’s work group is a multidisciplinary collaborative of leading researchers and practitioners in the fields of PreK-12 education, assessment, social and emotional learning (SEL), and related fields. As part of this three-year effort, members of the work group will work in partnership to make key advancements in student SEL assessment.

This effort is managed and staffed by CASEL, in close partnership with collaborators from the RAND Corporation, Harvard University Taxonomy Project, California’s CORE Districts, Transforming Education, xSEL Labs, and several universities, non-profit organizations, and school districts across the country.

There are a variety of ways to assess student SE competence. The work group will focus on the need to continually improve assessment approaches and recommend how educators can make the best use of data. Establishing practical SE assessments that are scientifically sound, feasible to use, and actionable is a key priority for the field. However, many challenges must be addressed to encourage progress. The work group has identified four main goal areas that will guide its activities:

Three-Year Goals

  • Collaborator Network

    Join our growing network of researchers and educators dedicated to the rapidly growing field of SEL assessment. Add your voice and stay up-to-date on the latest in the field by reading our weekly blog and joining our network.

  • Frameworks

    Frameworks are a critical foundation for SEL assessment and improvement efforts. We’re preparing a series of briefs on SEL frameworks to explore similarities, differences, and potential alignments among the SEL-related frameworks. Join the network to access the briefs.

  • Assessment Guide

    The growing number of assessments available requires educators to thoughtfully choose the appropriate measure. Our Assessment Guide (in development) will highlight uses, share perspectives, and help educators select and effectively use those currently available.
  • Design Challenge

    Our annual design challenge seeks to foster the next generation of SEL assessment, assessments that directly measure students’ social-emotional competencies and also help generate a set of design principles to guide future SEL assessment.


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  • Steering Committee Members

    Noah Bookman
    CORE Districts

    Katie Buckley
    Transforming Education

    Laura Hamilton

    Stephanie Jones
    Harvard University

    Sara Bartolino Krachman
    Transforming Education

    Dale Blyth
    University of Minnesota

    Clark McKown
    xSEL Labs

    Brian Stecher

    Jeremy Taylor
    CASEL Project Director

    Roger Weissberg
    CASEL Principal Investigator

  • Project Advisors

    Dale Blyth
    University of Minnesota

    Marc Brackett
    Yale Center for Emotional

    Linda Darling-Hammond
    Learning Policy Institute

    Angela Duckworth
    University of Pennsylvania

    John Easton
    Spencer Foundation

    Mark Greenberg
    Pennsylvania State University

    Kenji Hakuta
    Stanford University

    David Osher
    American Institutes for Research

    Jim Pellegrino
    University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Work Group Members

    Craig Bailey
    Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

    Susanne Denham
    George Mason University

    Camille Farrington
    University of Chicago

    Ben Hayes
    Washoe County School District

    Robert Jagers
    University of Michigan

    Pat Kyllonen
    Educational Testing Service

    Eric Moore
    Minneapolis Public Schools

    Deborah Moroney
    American Institutes for Research

    Ray Pecheone
    Stanford Center for Assessment,
    Learning, and Equity

    Michelle Steagall
    CORE Districts

    Marty West
    Harvard University

    Jean Wing
    Oakland Unified School District