May 2020

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  • Continuous Improvement in Guilford County Schools: Organizing for the Journey Ahead

    By: Jessica Bernstein, Lisa Brenner, Ally Skoog-Hoffman, Bloodine Barthelus The last blog post in this series highlighted the CASEL continuous improvement framework and illustrated how it supports an iterative journey toward high quality systemic social and emotional learning (SEL) implementation. To contextualize what this looks like in practice, the next four blog entries will spotlight district voices from the field. This is the first of the four, featuring CASEL’s newest district partner, Guilford County Schools (GCS) – which serves the High Point and Greensboro communities of North Carolina. In this blog, we outline GCS’s thoughtful approach to how organizing this work paved the pathway for systemic SEL work. A Continuous Improvement Approach from Day One When GCS became a CASEL […]

  • The Journey of Systemic SEL implementation Using Continuous Improvement as a Guide

    By: Ally Skoog-Hoffman and Rob Jagers At CASEL, we think about continuous improvement (CI) as a roadmap that allows school-, district-, and/or state-level SEL teams to first think about the destination of their systemic SEL implementation journey, and then from there to map the “route” in reaching their proximal and longer-term goals. SEL teams start with the end in mind and cycle back to it – the “destination” is both the starting point for planning the journey and the place a team comes back to in each cycle of continuous improvement. We encourage educators to ask a set of essential questions when embedding continuous improvement into systemic implementation efforts: Where do we want to go? Where are we now and […]