April 2020

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  • Measuring Social, Emotional and Intercultural/Transcultural Competencies in European Context: Insights from the Policy Experimentation Project HAND IN HAND

    By:Ana Kozina, Educational Research Institute, Ljubljana, SloveniaNina Roczen, DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education, Frankfurt, GermanyAlbert Denk, Technical University Munich, Munich, Germany “HAND in HAND: Social and Emotional Skills for Tolerant and Non-discriminative Societies (A Whole School Approach)” is a European policy experimentation project that involves eight institutions[1] across five countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Sweden, Denmark) and targets the need detected in Europe and internationally to develop inclusive societies (schools and classrooms) that allow every student to feel accepted and be able to achieve their potential, particularly in response to increasing discriminatory behavior some students are facing. HAND in HAND targeted this need with an innovative support system for school settings that combines the promotion of […]

  • SEL In An Unplanned Home School Setting

    By Clark McKown, xSEL Labs With nationwide school closures in effect, many households have become unplanned home schools, and parents have become teachers, with all of the responsibilities that go with the job, including setting the climate for learning, managing “student” behavior, and supporting student motivation. In my non-scientific sample of a handful of new home schools, one theme stands out: it’s hard work. Most parents will find their way through a combination of instinct and trial and error. There are a few things that parents as teachers can do right now that can make their teaching experience, and the experience of their children, go well. Most of our readers are educators, and many are also parents. I offer these […]