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  • You Can’t Oops into Excellence: A Primer for Social Emotional Learning Implementation in High-Quality Youth Development Programming

    by Tasha Franklin Johnson, Ph.D. and Aasha Joshi, Ph.D., YMCA-USA Who hasn’t heard the statistic that it takes 21 days to change a habit? You know, remember when you most recently tried to start a new diet, engage in a new exercise routine or make a lifestyle shift. But if a behavior change or forming a new habit takes 21 days, then how many days are needed to change or develop a habit of mind? And, what if you want to change habits of mind for lots of people? How many days are needed to change an already up and running system? Grappling with these questions are essential to cultivating a game changing, training and development paradigm for character development […]

  • SEL, Dance, & Equity

    How a Movement-Based SEL Program is Using Tech to Reach More Students & Assess Outcomes By Margot Toppen, Founder and CEO, EduMotion Imagine if every school day began with a few minutes of students dancing together. Since 2006, EduMotion has been providing programs that aim to foster inclusion, respect and social awareness through the joy of dance. In Chicago, we provide our flagship outreach program (Dancing with Class) through direct service, sending professional Teaching Artists to schools to facilitate lessons. To measure SEL outcomes, we’ve identified key skills students work on related to each of the five competency domains that make up the CASEL framework and assess outcomes in these areas through student and teacher surveys. Through student surveys, we […]

  • The Future of SEL Assessment – 5 Essential Directions

    By: Christina Cipriano, Ph.D., Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence On October 2nd, 2019, sixty-three stakeholders reflecting the national SEL assessment landscape in the U.S. participated in an invited, full-day work session to build on the vision articulated by the Assessment Work Group’s State of the Field Report and National Commission Report by generating ideas and forging partnerships to launch the most essential next phases of work related to the assessment of SEL.  After a full day of collaborative discourse (facilitated by Education First) and a review of the themes that emerged, we identified five essential next phases of work for advancing SEL assessment. The full report can be found here, and we summarize these five directions below.  Leverage Resources and […]

  • Flipping the Script on Social Emotional Learning in Afterschool Spaces

    By Kari Denissen Cunnien In 2016, I was part of Propel SEL, a broad-based community partnership in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul designed to strengthen social emotional learning across multiple afterschool, summer learning, and mentoring sites. The initiative could have taken a more well-worn path: select a common SEL framework to use across sites, train adults to implement it, measure the outcomes.  But that is not what happened.  Instead, we walked a less tread path and the results changed minds and program practices.  Afterschool program staff who participated in Propel SEL commented that the experience was, “powerful”, “brought staff together”, and “changed everything about the way we thought of SEL.” Here is how Propel SEL flipped the script on the […]