August 2019

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  • Promoting Equity with SEL Measurement

    By Laura Davidson, Director of Research & Evaluation, Washoe County Schools and Elizabeth Breese, Panorama Education   By asking students to report their mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors related to social-emotional learning through SEL self-report surveys, districts can gain new perspective on how to promote equity in schools.    Which student groups are reporting well below—or well above—average for social-emotional learning topics such as growth mindset, self-management, and social awareness? Are students experiencing school safety, sense of belonging, or teacher-student relationships differently based on race, ethnicity, and socio-economic status?    To answer these questions, districts combine SEL data with the data available in their student information systems (SIS) to view trends across student groups including:    Chronically absent students English language […]

  • Student Engagement and Voice in SEL and School Climate Systems

    By: Kay A. Augustine, Ed.D., Iowa Department of Education The growth of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) in research, practice, and visibility in the media is building in momentum and focus. With this comes the expectation of producing evidence and accountability for the efforts taking place. As the field grows in depth and breadth, the challenge is to keep a focus on SEL as a process and to engage all stakeholders, including students in the efforts. SEL and School Climate As the field provides opportunities for considering the impact of SEL implementation, it is important to recognize that SEL and school climate relate, intersect, and influence the impact of each. Osher and Berg (2018) underscore that to have a healthy school, you […]

  • SEL Field Notes | August 9

    This newsletter is curated by the American Institutes for Research and CASEL for the MeasuringSEL Collaborator Network and aims to keep you engaged with news, research, and resources relevant to measurement and data in the field of social and emotional learning. Please let us know what you are reading, doing and seeing in the field that’s worth sharing. Tell us about it here!   Measurement in Practice Edutopia: Helping students develop self-regulation Self-regulation is a skill that takes a long time to learn and may take a lifetime, in truth, to really master. We can get better at it with practice, and our students’ social, emotional, and character development requires that we provide routine opportunities in classrooms and schools for […]

  • Rigorous Fun: Implementing Research-based SEL in OST settings

    By: Tricia Maas and Joan Duffel, Committee for Children   Research and logic make clear that social-emotional learning (SEL) is increasingly effective the more it is reinforced throughout a child’s day. With approximately a quarter of children in the US attending afterschool programs, the potential to extend SEL from school to out-of-school time (OST) is tremendous. Committee for Children (CFC), with support from the Wallace Foundation, sees this truth as an opportunity and is developing an SEL program for OST settings. Creators of the widely used school-based Second Step program, CFC carries 35 years of deep expertise in evidence-based SEL. We’re developing a growing appreciation for the power of OST environments in developing and reinforcing social-emotional competencies. We hope to […]