• The 2019 CASEL Conference will provide the opportunity for multiple generations of stakeholders to engage in cross-disciplinary conversations that catalyze new partnerships and drive action. The learning agenda will explore cutting-edge science, practice, and policy. The gathering will reflect social and emotional learning in both content and form, including experiential activities for participants to engage in and bring back to their communities.

    As a collaborative, CASEL brings together stakeholders with differing perspectives and expertise, all committed to improving outcomes for children and communities.

    CASEL will work with partners, new and old, to build a conference agenda that highlights the most important insights from across the field, celebrates excellence, embraces equity, and identifies new opportunities for innovation.

    Therefore, the conference audience, including presenters, will be a powerful cross section of the field, including, but not limited to; education decision-makers such as state and district administrators, local, state, and federal policy makers, civic leaders, funders, as well as educators, researchers, practitioners, program developers, community-based and non-profit partners, assessment experts, parents, and young people.

    By virtue of CASEL’s position, visibility, and long standing relationships, we hope to attract some of the world’s most innovative education and human development voices to present and participate.

    By sourcing the knowledge of our many collaborators, the 2019 CASEL Conference will explore topics such as:

    • Advances in human development theory and the neuroscience of learning
    • The science of systems change and successful SEL innovation in education
    • Scaling social and emotional learning while preserving quality
    • Guidance from partner communities on integrating SEL and equity
    • Learning directly from young people’s lived experiences in communities where SEL is a foundational element of engagement, activism, and change-making
    • Coalition building across like-minded movements and approaches
    • Integration of social and emotional learning with adjacent and connected strategies, such as character education and restorative practices
    • Frameworks and practices that promote adult social and emotional development
    • Newest findings on the evidence-base for social and emotional learning
    • SEL in a variety of international contexts
    • Advocacy workshops for stakeholders that are responsive to their local needs
    • Local and state policy in support of SEL and connected efforts
    • Leveraging technology and the digital world to advance SEL

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