December 2018

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  • Bridging Research & Practice to Expand the Definition of Student Success

    By Katie Buckley & Sara Krachman   A large and growing body of research demonstrates that success in life requires both academic and social-emotional skills. When young people develop these interconnected sets of competencies, they are more likely to be healthy, engaged in their communities, financially secure, and empowered to pursue goals of their own choosing. Inspired by this body of research, Transforming Education (TransformEd) and NewSchools Venture Fund (NewSchools) have embarked on a multi-year partnership to support schools in expanding their definition of student success to include academics, social-emotional competencies, and the positive learning environments that support students’ development in both of these domains. Through this partnership, TransformEd provides school leaders with the data, research, and support they need […]

  • AWG 2018 Year in Review

    By: Lindsay Read and Jordan Trejo, CASEL Greetings Collaborator Network members! We are proud to share a reflection on our accomplishments this year. We are grateful to you, our collaborator network, for your continued engagement in our work and for the input many of you have shared that has influenced the direction of our work. This group of collaborators has more than doubled this year, from 1,149 members to 2,543 as of this post with people from all 50 states and over 26 countries. This has allowed us to reach more of you who are interested in and challenged by using SEL frameworks and assessments. We began 2018 with a goal to engage more practitioners in our work. We sought […]

  • What’s missing in SEL measurement and assessment? CONTEXT

    By Stephanie M. Jones & Sophie P. Barnes, EASEL Lab, Harvard Graduate School of Education Social and emotional learning (SEL) is on the map. Driven in part by solid evidence linking social competence and self-control in early childhood to life outcomes twenty to thirty years later (e.g., Jones et al., 2015; Moffitt et al., 2011), and by multiple meta-analytic studies showing substantial impacts of SEL interventions on short- and longer-term outcomes (Durlak et al., 2011; Sklad et al., 2012, Taylor et al., 2017), the last five years has seen a veritable explosion in interest and excitement about SEL. Indeed, there are many recent high-profile national, state, and local efforts focused on making the case for integrating SEL into the mission […]