November 2018

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  • Creative Ways SEL Assessment Informs Curriculum Around the World

    By Cherilyn G. Leet and Dr. Susan Stillman (Six Seconds)   The results of SEL assessments can be intriguing, motivating, and tied to curriculum. They do not have to be dry, feared, or detached. In our experience working with educators from the Americas to Europe, from the Middle East to Asia to Africa, data from SEL assessments have the potential to imbue a school with life. When all stakeholders come together with curiosity to explore the data and wisdom that can be derived from SEL assessments, the insights gained can lay the groundwork for positive change. Strong SEL assessments can become the axles which bring the school’s curriculum design, behavioral intervention, parent engagement, and teacher collaboration into sync.   The […]

  • Hoosick Falls Central School District Uses SEL Assessment to Inform Instruction

    Hoosick Falls Central School District in Rensselaer County, New York, has been using the Holistic Student Assessment (HSA) for 5th- to 12th-grade students since 2014. Each school uses physical education and wellness time to administer the survey, which takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Why did you choose the the measure? Our district began to incorporate social-emotional learning seven years ago and wanted an assessment that was student self-reported. The measure’s results dashboard allows teachers to view data trends at the student, grade and school-wide levels. This allows practices to be adjusted to be more responsive to students’ needs. How do you use the measure? Our schools use the data from this measure: To inform instructional practices. We examined […]

  • Finding the right assessment tool: Another resource for educators and researchers

    By Laura Hamilton and Brian Stecher   Last week, the Assessment Work Group (AWG) shared a preview of its new SEL Assessment Guide, which provides a catalogue of about 20 popular social and emotional learning (SEL) assessments along with guidance to help practitioners use these assessments effectively. Researchers from RAND are members of the AWG, and we contributed to the Guide and to the brief for practitioners that accompanied it, Choosing and Using SEL Competency Assessments: What Schools and Districts Need to Know.   RAND has developed a companion tool, the RAND Education Assessment Finder. This web-based tool provides information about roughly 200 assessments of K-12 students’ competencies, including SEL competencies as well as higher-order cognitive competencies such as creativity. […]

  • Finding the Right SEL Assessment: New Guide for Educators

    By Katie Buckley (Transforming Education), Jeremy Taylor (CASEL) and Lindsay Read (CASEL)   One of the biggest obstacles to using data to inspire practice is simply the task of selecting and using an appropriate assessment.  While there are many assessments out there, especially from various research efforts, finding one that is suitable for assessing particular social and emotional competencies that a school or district wants to focus on is often not easy.  This Fall, some useful tools to help in that process are being released. We are thrilled to share a preview of the SEL Assessment Guide, which will be available to the public in early November. The early access passcode is provided down below. The guide was created to […]